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About us – Falah Handi Craft

About us

FHS came into existence in the year 2000 under the Society Act XXI of 1860 with a cherished objective of improving the living conditions of artisans engaged in the handicraft sector. Over the years, it expanded its horizon to include skill development, skill up gradation, and implementation of new methods, encouraging unemployed and economically backward people to learn handicraft techniques, and empower artisans holistically.

It also provides hygienic and sound working atmosphere to the artisans, apprise and encourage them to seek benefits under various government schemes, give them market exposure, and motivate them to learn entrepreneurial skills.

FHS came into existence due to cherished dream of two individuals who dedicatedly wanted to transform the lives of artisans in the handicraft sector. Deeply touched by the pathetic conditions of the artisans near their place of living, they determinately aspired to make constructive change in the lives of these artisans. It was a humble beginning with hardly any money but high on determination, enthusiasm, and noble thoughts. In the year 2000, FHS became a registered entity with more like minded people becoming part of the core team.
Mr. Sultan Bharti is dedicatedly involved in making artisans live a better life. He started his career in media, and then engaged himself in the handicraft sector. A post graduate, he has constructive 25 years of experience working with artisans in the handicrafts sector. He keeps motivating artisans with his shayari as well. He also engages himself in social endeavors for the upliftment of the poor families.
Mr. Ranveer Kumar Mehta is a graduate with more than 20 years of relentless and noble efforts as a social worker. FHS is his brain child along with Mr. Yamin Khan. For several years, he supported and aided many economically weak families in the Sangam Vihar area of South Delhi. Basically a backend person, his enthusiastic spirit is motivating for the entire team. He has a undertaken various welfare activities related to the artisans in the handicraft sector.
Mr. Yamin Khan is one of the co founders of FHS. He is a graduate with more than 30 years of meaningful experience as social worker, entrepreneur, and mentor. A soft spoken person, whose action speaks louder than words, he has been significantly instrumental in bringing drastic changes in the lives of artisans in the handicraft sector. He has indomitable energy, progressive bent of mind, and incorporates innovative changes at FHS. He also undertakes benevolent measures not only for artisans associated with FHS, but poor families per se in their hard times. He actively supports numerous welfare measures for the betterment of the economically backward section of the society.
Ms. Poonam Kumari Shakya has played a key role in creating awareness, motivation, and encouraging women artisans to be a part of the mainstream. Her continues and determined efforts resulted in the formation of women SHGs as well. A graduate, she herself has been a craftsperson, with more than 15 years of experience in the handicrafts sector. Her meritorious efforts have been reflected in her various state awards. She even motivates artisans at FHS to learn and adopt new methods in order to make relevant product offerings. She also encourages women artisans to be strong and self reliant.
Mr.Tazim Khan is the youngest member of the core team. A post graduate, his expertise lies in operations and finance. He displayed his interest in the handicraft sector at a very young age. Despite being young, he proves his mettle in handling operations, finances, and marketing channels. He is also activity engaged in online platforms of FHS.
FHS has dedicated spirit to empower and enhance livelihood and sustainability prospects of artisans rooted in economic and social backwardness, across geographical boundaries.
It also aims to undertake development programmes especially for artisans in the rural areas in-order to make them a part of mainstream, boost their self esteem, and enable them to be economically independent.
Undertake endeavors to make artisans self sustainable by encouraging and providing them holistic learning, hence escaping the middlemen link in the marketing linkages.
To make continuous changes in methods and designs, adhering to social changes, at the same time, remain connected with traditional craft and methods.
It aims at integrated well being of artisans including economic, social, health, and emotional aspects.
To undertake continuous and relevant measures, not only equipping artisans to live a holistic well being life, but also contribute to indigenous methods, preserve country’s heritage and craft, and economic growth of the country.

We started FHS with a noble thought and vision of playing a pioneering role in uplifting artisans in the handicraft sector. It was a humble beginning laden with obstacles and hindrances. But our never give up approach made us move ahead in the direction of our cherished goals. Finally our hard work paid off, and today we are actively engaged in all the aspects whether an organizational set up, formation of SHGs, training programmes, seminars, exhibitions and fairs, welfare programmes, government tie-ups or suppoeted programmes and schemes, sponsored projects, welfare camps, and e commerce. We started from a part of Delhi, now expanded to different states of the country. We continuously strive at making artisan self reliant, hence escaping the middleman channel in the market linkages.

We, at FHS make sincere efforts to strike a balance between traditional craft and modern changes.

We are nourishing a vision of continuously and humbly contributing to economic development of the country.