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Team – Falah Handi Craft


The artisans at FHS are being educated and trained to learn and execute different responsibilities while at work. They also learn to work both, as individual artisans, and in team as well.

For smooth functioning, there are various teams such as designing, embroidery, stitching, marketing, operations, and administration.

The team of women artisans is also engaged in various marketing activities. Artisans are encouraged and trained to sell handcrafted products directly to the customers. They are trained in various aspects of managing a stall in exhibitions and fairs, like stall layout, visual merchandising, customer service etc. There is also a team which manages e commerce. Women, as customer care team, are also being trained to handle various customer matters. The marketing team also under goes regular training programmes for skill up gradation.

The women artisans, carefully and intricately, transform into reality the given designs, and patterns. The artisans do adda embroidery, along with other traditional methods. They also undergo training sessions on skill up gradation, in order to include different embroidery methods.
The operation team of women manages backend operations, including stock keeping, coding, packaging, and supply management. Women are regularly trained in various methods in operations.
This is a team of women who looks after all the teams and administrative tasks of FHS. They shoulder multiple responsibilities and ensure smooth functioning of various teams. Even they undergo workshops to upgrade their skills.
The designing team is responsible for aligning contemporary trends with traditional craft. There is a lead designer, and a team of women artisans. From time to time, women artisans also undertake design workshops, in order to refine their skills and learn new patterns and methods.
The women artisans in the stitching team are well trained in stitching techniques. The stitching room is equipped with latest stitching machines. There is a master tailor, and the team of women artisans who prepare various stitched products. Women artisans receive training as well for skill up gradation. There is also a Ironing room, where all stitched work gets duly ironed.